Monday, January 5, 2015

Marvelous Monday

Today ... today was awesome!

It was a Monday, a day that I used to keep as my recovery day, a day to ease back into the week. I never expected them to be easy, so I keep the plans light and the expectations low.

So today might have been even harder than usual, being the first Monday in January, the Papa goes back to work Monday, the winter break is over and we have to homeschool Monday.

But ... it wasn't! My focus on gratitude and acknowledging all of the little things that make life beautiful helped me find a fantastic day.

***We had a smooth morning, chores and homeschooling lessons done by noon, the main meal cooked, and no contention all morning! Thank you!

***Papa invited me to go on a lunch time walk after we ate. We stopped at the local market for vegan cupcakes and got in 1.6 miles in 33 minutes. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and sunshine! Thank you!

***I went to Joann and spent money and was happy about it. (Relaxing about money is one of my goals this year.) I find a new-to-me scrapbooking method and was able to use coupons to buy the supplies to get started. I came home feeling inspired. Thank you!

***I heard the most fantastic piece of music for clarinet, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford's Opus 129 Sonata for Clarinet and Piano. Amazing!  Thank you!

***The Big Dog and I walked downtown to get the boys after their gym session.  I arrived early and was able to talk with friends for about 20 minutes. Then I got to walk home with my awesome boys and their friend. Thank you!

***Papa and the boys are installing a new kitchen faucet for us, one with a working sprayer. We have been so frustrated with the old one and Papa is solving the problem for us. The faucet was even delivered a day early. Thank you!

***Papa and T-Guy went to the hardware store, and Papa texted me a photo of the beautiful moonrise (which I couldn't see from the house). Thank you!

***With the kitchen out of commission dinner was going to pushed very late. I asked Papa to pick up dinner so we can have full bellies and be cheerful. Thank you!

***We recorded Downton Abbey last night and get to watch it tonight. I am so happy to have this show back for another season. Thank you!

***I spent the entire day feeling so happy I could burst.  My heart felt full, my troubles light. I felt connected to my family, friends, nature, and the Light within. Thank you!

Life is beautiful! Thank You, thank you, thank you!

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