Wednesday, January 28, 2015

White Rice

Today I am thankful for white rice. Yes, white rice. Specifically, white Basmati rice imported from India because that is what Trader Joe's had last month when I needed to buy a bag of white rice.

I know that brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. I understand that, I accept it, and we do eat brown rice most of the time, 50 pounds of it per year for our family of four. I don't even care what Consumer Reports has to say about inorganic arsenic in brown rice; information from a nutritionist convinced me that people eating a healthy, varied, whole foods diet really don't need to worry about arsenic in food (which has always been there).

But it's 10:00AM and I need to have our main meal on the table at noon, and I didn't plan ahead. Wednesday is a soup or stew day. I still haven't bought potatoes. I don't have any tempeh for chili. We have sweet potatoes in the pantry, but J-Baby hates sweet potato soup. We ate both split pea soup and squash soup last week, three times in total between main and evening meals.

So I will make mujadara, thankful for the bounty of sale onions I bought last weekend and the fact that at some point in the last couple of months I decided to stock up on canned lentils. I don't have any leftover rice in the refrigerator, however, and rice is a major component of mujadara.

Brown rice takes at least two hours to cook (in the rice cooker, I know I can cook it on the stove in less time than but clearly I wanted to come and write a blog post), and I don't have two hours. At times like these I am happy to put on a pot of white rice in the rice cooker.

So yes, brown rice is more nutritious than white rice, and there are those who think I shouldn't even have white rice in the house. But you know what? White rice cooked with lentils and onions is more nutritious than french fries. I don't think anyone can argue with that.

(I also don't have bread for our meal. Oops. Someone might have had a rather lazy morning. I can hide that fact by making some einkorn chapati; the family loves chapati.)

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